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The title is wierd I know, but it came from my ranting when I was talking to my mom. Long story short, pretty much my life has dwindled down to rice and study guides. Depressing, Abnormal, and Redundant. Hey look now I can use a, what is it called, er...damn i can't remember...oh! *light bulb* abbreviation...DAR...i wish I could think of a E word that would describe my life...but at the mo' I'm too lazy. -_-

Such is the woes of my life....

Anyways....watching NCIS: Los Angeles, love the show! really stimulates the mind....especially when said mind is ridden with allergies a mile high. I feel so ewwie....*pouts* If anyone knows of a quick cure for this crap, please leave me a comment about what to do. *whimpers* 

*sneezes, blows nose* yuck! 

currenty I'm in the process of finishing my storie, Chasing Cars, and I'm thinking that there won't be a sequel for it so if it ends rather...unhapply don't go asking for a second story. *sigh* it's probably going to be one of my longer stories. *grin* such an accomplishment in my book I assure you.

Also, I have a new story posted on my ff.net account: Ameths, it's called Periodically, I Fall, below I posted the first chapter...

Now I seriously have to go...(stupid glitchy laptop) 



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Title: Breathing in the Impossible

Author: Tinker Siren (Ameths) 

Chapters: 1

STATUS: Complete

No pairings

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Angst, Horror



Jul. 28th, 2010 11:38 pm
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This post is exactly what it says up there in the subject line. Nothing really. Um....my sweet sixteen is coming up, *cheers* that'll be fun. And I'm still taking summer classes....*pouts*

And now..I'm procrastinating. I need to be writing my stories. I haven't updated in sooo long. *sobs* I'm a bad person! Everyone must hate me right now. *pause* Maybe that's a good thing. *cackles* 

Anyhoo, yeah...I should go and do something with my life. Hopefully I'll post soon. I really want to finish majority of my stories soon...


I need to finish my Graphics homework! Shix. *stamps foot* Maybe I should just transfer out of the class. *nods to self* 

Alrighty then. Bye-bye. *smooches the screen* 
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*bangs head against a door*

So let me tell you this crappy happening of my life currently. Okay, now in a few weeks time I'll be eligible in my state to apply for a Driver's Permit, ( I know, yay! me!).

but....(didn't see that coming)

when applying at my age we have send in papers saying "oh! I have no unexcused abscences!" which is freaking impossible because everyone has an unexcused absence hidden in their past. But can we say "fan-freaking-tastic" -sarcastically of course- *snorts at own with, clears throat*

I don't even know what to do with myself, especially sense this past year includes the most abscences I've eved had from school, well, EVER!

So I would like you guys advice. I have two options,

a. I could wait until I'm 16 to get the permit without the application.

b. take my chances and go for it....it'd work out.

....Please help me! I'm begging you! *gets down on knees, waving hands frantically*


Side note: I got a 3! on my AP Gov test. My first AP grade ever! *does a happy dance* 
End note



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