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"I'm a member of the SALAD club: Sarcastic, Apathetic, Lazy, and Disinterested."

Konichiwa! My name's Tinker as you can very well see. Well it's not my real name at any rate, but it's what I'm willing to go by for the most part. I've been writing for a couple years now, and am still trying to find my base in it, but well -shrugs-
I'm young yet so I'm not really worried in that respect. I like to write fanfiction and original poetry and prose when the mood arises. One of my trademark writing habits I've noticed is that I write about the darker sides of life, the things that make people squick and others laugh in sadistic glee. Which might I add I think Bellatrix Lestrange is a genius in her own right. I have an obsession with anime and Harry Potter. Hence the Japanese insertions randomly. No na da!! Also, I have a tendency to rant about world domination and bunnies. So you might want to ignore those minor tidbits. Other than that, I would like to think I'm bloody amazing. (how was the British curse? -winks saucily) Then again, anyone who calls themselves bloody and amazing in the same sentence can't be all that great, mm? Judge me as you will. The world is my canvas to tinker with.
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