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The title is wierd I know, but it came from my ranting when I was talking to my mom. Long story short, pretty much my life has dwindled down to rice and study guides. Depressing, Abnormal, and Redundant. Hey look now I can use a, what is it called, er...damn i can't remember...oh! *light bulb* abbreviation...DAR...i wish I could think of a E word that would describe my life...but at the mo' I'm too lazy. -_-

Such is the woes of my life....

Anyways....watching NCIS: Los Angeles, love the show! really stimulates the mind....especially when said mind is ridden with allergies a mile high. I feel so ewwie....*pouts* If anyone knows of a quick cure for this crap, please leave me a comment about what to do. *whimpers* 

*sneezes, blows nose* yuck! 

currenty I'm in the process of finishing my storie, Chasing Cars, and I'm thinking that there won't be a sequel for it so if it ends rather...unhapply don't go asking for a second story. *sigh* it's probably going to be one of my longer stories. *grin* such an accomplishment in my book I assure you.

Also, I have a new story posted on my ff.net account: Ameths, it's called Periodically, I Fall, below I posted the first chapter...

Now I seriously have to go...(stupid glitchy laptop) 



"Periodically, I fall because clearly I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing." -James


He vaulted over another log, glancing behind him quickly. He still couldn't sense anything behind him, but that didn't mean they weren't there, chasing him with vigor and intent to kill. His breath came in rapid spurts, despite the unecessary need for air. Fear and anger at that fear spread through him as he pushed himself to his limits. Along with the fear and anger came embarrassment and humilation. He had been overcome by a human girl and her idiot mate. Although, he thought to himself, there was more than just one vampire going at me. Sadly, that did nothing for him.

Laurent had been right. James almost led himself into the hands of death, almost losing his life over an idiot human girl who happened to smell better than anything than he had ever encountered. He licked his lips, the memory of its tempting smell and the light milky flavor still clear in his mind. He shook his head, turning sharply to avoid a tree. The sooner he forgot abou the girl, the sooner he could put the whole incident behind him. James didn't have a death wish after all.

Exhaling, he thought about what his next move should be. He knew he should go search for Victoria and Laurent, let them know he was alive and go back to terrorizing unsuspecting humans with faux looks of desire and seduction. The plan held merit, but no joy, just a common sense of obligation that was tiresome and redundant. What could he possibly gain from going back? What was in it for him? Nothing, absolutely nothing, except another decade of repetition and bloodlust. There was no joy in what he did anymore, his recent encounter with the fabled Cullens had proven as much. Even now, the adrenaline still pumped through him.

James slowed his pace to a light jog, still quick by human standards, but somewhat slow to his vampiric ones. He was sure that he was far enough away that there was no threat from the Cullens. He made a mental note to steer away Forks, Washington for a while. He wouldn't do to be gutted and burned, not anytime soon at least. He quite enjoyed living, if it even could be called that. He didn't have a home, currently he had no friends, he was alone again. Funny, how he always ended up as such.

He breathed in heavily, his pupils dilating as he caught hint of blood, human blood. He came to an immediate halt, sniffing the air tentatively. His muscles tensed. It was purely divine, everything he could have wanted rolled into that one scent. Rain, summer, snow, passion...it was all there and nearby, too. Holding down the urge to flash through the trees and pounce on the human whose blood called to him, he strutted silently through the terrain, searching the darkness with eager anticipation. James had staved off the hunger, preferring to wait until he had dear Isabella in his grasps. He couldn't hold it off any more. His instincts overtook rationale. He crept through the shadows, hunching over, preparing himself for all the possible scenarios that could occur.

The human could easily be the type to trust easily, a haggard camper wandering through the barren forest of Arizona, lost and looking for companion. It was also probably that the human was accompanied by others that had gone off somewhere and would be returning soon, to which he would have to act accordingly. His eyes caught sight of a clearing in the distance, filled with almost barren trees and wilting brown grass. There was hints of a prone figure lying in the grass, unmoving. James picked up his pace, the blood swirling around his thoughts. He was in luck. The human was alone and there was no hint of anyone else remotely near by.

He purred in approval, spriniting into the clearing. James halted in shock when he finally got close enough to get a good look at the human whose blood had led him there. It was no wonder. Blood leaked from the various cuts across the naked body in front of him. Some were deep, others shallow. The smell of blood was overwhelming, but there was also an undertone of seed. James leaned over to peek in between the human's legs, flinching away from the sight of white sperm pulsing out into the grass. He was a cruel somewhat vicious vampire who prided himself on his quick efficiency of taking down humans, rape wasn't in the picture.

James knelt down to check the human's pulse, eyes widening when he felt the slow, steady beat of life. It shouldn't have been so surprising, the blood was still going fresh, the attack on the human was recent a couple hours at best. Hesitantly he bent over the unmoving body, licking a cut on his chest. There wasn't a need to bite. With so many cuts open and bleeding freely, James could easily drain the boy. And he tasted so divine, better than how he smelled, better than dear Isabella.

The boy underneath him shifted, his eyes opening up. Green eyes squinted in confusion at the man hovering over him. James pulled back in a flash, sensing the boy's conciousness. He connected eyes with the boy, blood coating his lips liberally.

"Please...save...me," the boy rasped. "Help...me..."

James tilted his head. "There is nothing I can do for you," he said coldly. "You are dying."

"No...has to be...some-" he coughed then. A horrible gurgle of a cough, blood foaming at the corner of his mouth.

"Accept the truth, little boy. You will be dead within the hour." James didn't regret his cold detachment, his own creator coming to mind. Death was apart of the grand cycle of things. Humans died and were reborn everyday. It was something to be embraced with open arms when the time came, no matter how difficult. He wanted to say those words aloud, but to comfort a human...was deplorable in his eyes. They were food, things to be hunted and preyed upon. They deserved no sympathy from him. Such was the order between vampires and humans.

Limply, the boy raised a hand, eyes pleading. "Please...please...save me..."

"I cannot. How many times must I tell you that runt," he hissed. Venom pooled inside mouth. His vampire clamored to be fulfilled with its need of blood, while his rationale was holding him back from ripping out the boy's throat without another thought. He could save the boy. All it took was one bite, his mind argued. And wouldn't it be nice, to have a companion. It was a teasing thought. His vampire mind came to the forefront, reminding him of Laurent and Victoria, his 'companions'. They were all he needed, brothers-in-arms and all that rot that came along with it. He sneered down at the boy. His decision was already made for him. And what a despicable decision it was...

"What is your name, human," he growled. He placed his cool lips on the boy's neck, swiping his tongue along the pulse point. "Answer me."

The boy shivered under him, rasping out quietly, "Ha-rry."

By now, the venom began to overflow, dripping onto the pasty skin of the human, dribbling out of the corners of his mouth. "Harry," he repeated. "Harry, Harry, Harry..." It wasn't the best of names, but it certainly wasn't the worse. He licked the skin again, rolling the taste around his tongue, before biting down viciously and without mercy.


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